Sunday, September 27, 2009

WinterHaven by Athol Dickson

When Vera Gamble gets the news that her brother's body has washed up on a rocky beach in Maine, she makes the trip to Winterhaven to bring him home to Texas. Arriving on the remote island, she finds herself plunged back into visions and heartaches from the past. And is seems as if the people of Winterhaven have as many secrets as she does. Ghosts from the past and present create a sense of menace even as Vera meets romance in the form of the handsom Evan, the mysterous islander who found her brother's body.
This is a suspensful page-turner where nothing is as it seems, an intriguing and enjoyable tale to send a few shivers up your spine this fall.

As far as "The Year of Reading Gloriously" this had a very interesting background as Vera was the daughter of a troubled faiith healer. She is obviously a beleiver, but is struggling with her faith after the passing of her brother, mother and losing her father to Alzheimer's. How she struggles to come to terms with a loving God who has allowed such tragedy in her life is a part of this mystery.”
Other themes include faith healing, supernatural gifts and visions and recovering from life's sometimes enourmous heartaches and losses.

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