Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ruth, A Portrait, The Story of Ruth Bell Graham

Another glorious read, I finished this book over the weekend and I enjoyed it immensely! Ruth Graham is a courageous, stubborn, strong, independent, humble, prank-pulling, soft-hearted, sharp-tongued,family-loving, make-up wearing woman who has had a life-long love for her God. I was inspired and encouraged reading about this woman who isn't perfect, disagrees with her husband (and he's BILLY GRAHAM) and tells him so and has led such a wonderful life of serving and loving Jesus.

Here's my review:

What a relief to read that Ruth Graham wears make-up! Seriously, this insightful look at "the woman behind the man" is the story of a real woman, strong, independent, and full of good humor and pranks, compassionate and absolutely in love with Jesus."After it was finished, we did not speak for eight years", Patricia Cornwell says about writing the biography of life-long friend Ruth Bell Graham. With a line like that I was hooked, knowing I was going to hear the true story of Mrs. Graham, not just a "halo polishing" portrait. What emerges is a clear picture of a woman who is in love with Jesus and sold out to God.

"Brimming with anecdotes from four decades this is a biographical journey with stops at many of our country's epoch-making events."From Ruth's childhood in China, through her days at Wheaton College, marriage to Billy, being the anchor for the family, the homemaker/house builder and "wife of Billy Graham" Ruth's character shines through. Stubborn, compassionate, funny, adventurous, accepting, humble, Ruth is as fine an example of a woman of God as you would ever want to read about. She is not perfect, but forgiven and has spent her life seeking to give that hope to other sinners. Some of my favorite stories were those about how unimpressed she (and Billy) is with the celebrity & celebrities that surround them. Ruth is definitely "no respecter of persons", but treats each soul as a precious child for whom Jesus died.

The cover notes end with "Patricia Cornwell has seen firsthand the courageous spirit of Ruth Bell Graham, and gives us a full, rounded, and intimate portrait of one of America's truly extraordinary women."I could not have said it better.

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