Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She Gave All She Had

Last week was our turn to teach the Pre-K-K class for Sunday School. It's a lively group and we always enjoy it. Sunday, we had about 20, but they were so busy it seemed like more. The lesson was about following directions, but it seems like the Spirit was teaching a different lesson in the heart of one little girl.
About halfway into the morning, we take time to sing and praise the Lord and to take up the offering. I invited the kids who'd remembered to bring their offerings to go to the plastic bucket we use and put in their money. As they headed back to their seats, little Brielle came and looked up at me.
"I don't have any offering," she said.

"That's okay, Brielle, you can bring it next week." I replied and she scurried back to her chair.

A few moments later she found me again. This time she was holding a long pink balloon, one of those you can twist into animals and hats. She'd had it all morning and it was now only half filled with air.
"Here," she said brightly, a wide smile on her face, "This balloon is for God!"
Together we took the balloon over and put it in the bucket. I'm sure it made Jesus smile to see a bright pink balloon on top of all the pennies, quarters, bills and envelopes already there.

"I think God is very happy you gave him your balloon," I told Brielle as she happily took her seat again. One little girl gave all that she had that morning, joyfully and with all her heart because she wanted to give to God.

"... and a little child shall lead them."

Lord, may I be as cheerful and generous and pure a giver as this little one.

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