Monday, March 8, 2010

"Age before Beauty" by Virginia Smith

What fun I'm having in my search for new authors and new books to read! I discovered Ginny Smith when I noticed her name listed on the faculty of the Quad-Cities Writers Conference, which is directed by my friend and boss Twila Belk. (You can check us out online at Conference this year is April 9-10 in Eldridge, Iowa. We'd love to see you).

I saw Virginia’s book listed on her face book page and not realizing it was the second in the Sister-to-Sister series I began reading "Age before Beauty". Well, thank you Ginny for a real treat!

When I say Ginny's characters and the difficulties they face remind me of Karen Kingsbury, I am giving her the very highest of compliments! It's almost like finding a new "Baxter family" to get to know!

Allie is in love with her baby daughter, her handsome husband and her loving supportive family. So what could possibly the problem?
As Allie approaches the end of her maternity leave she finds the idea of leaving her newborn with "strangers" is more than she can handle and when an opportunity to work from home presents itself, Allie jumps in determined to be the best salesperson the Varie Cose home party company has ever had!

If these changes weren't enough Allie comes home from the initial party to find standing in her kitchen her taciturn mother-in-law, "the only person in the entire world who hated her guts." Turns out "Mom" has left her husband and is moving in.
This is an entertaining, current story with believable, likeable characters whose struggles and how they handled them were in turn funny, touching and inspirational.

Read "Age before Beauty". I promise you'll be entertained, touched and maybe even shed a few tears. And if you're like me, you'll be reading more in the Sister-to-sister series.”

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