Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They Almost Always Come Home by Cynthia Ruchti

Move over Ted Dekker. “They Almost Always Come Home” is one of those books that captures your attention on the first page and holds your heart all the way till the last.

Libby’s husband Greg is late coming home from a wilderness trip. She’s not sure if she’s mad or glad about that. But either way, it’s all she can think about. By the time the first chapter ended I was hooked on this story of a real woman facing real problems the best way she knows how.

After taking as much waiting as she can Libby decides that anything is better than sitting at home wondering. Her best friend Jenika, and father-in-law Frank insist on joining the camping challenged Libby in a trip retracing husband Greg’s steps to find out what really happened to Greg. At this point the story really kicked into high gear for me and became as suspenseful as any John Grissom or Stephen King I’ve ever read. I felt I was behind the scenes of a real life mystery as it unfolded to the participants.

Libby’s story had me reading late into the night. As the suspense built this book took twists and turns I never saw coming and kept me on edge and nervous and anxious to find out what was going to happen.

Author Cynthia Ruchti’s writing is REAL. You feel Libby’s frustration and fear, her anger and grief; her humor and sentimental moments all ring true. Libby, Jenika and Frank (Greg’s father) seemed like folks I felt like I might run into at the corner store or Wal-Mart. The faith and commitment they exhibit is never overdone, but always just people what people who really care for each other do in a crisis.
It was one of the things that made this book so satisfying to read.

If you’re a mystery or suspense fan you won’t be disappointed in “They Almost Always Come Home.”

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