Wednesday, December 22, 2010

THE Christmas Nativity Quiz

The first time I saw this quiz, sometime during the 70’s I thought it would be easy. My husband was a young youth pastor and we thought it would be fun to do at the youth group Christmas party in tiny Felton, California. That was before I actually took it. I must confess the first time I took it I didn’t do so well. I wouldn't have wanted to be graded on my answers that first time!

But it made me wonder--how much do we really know about the long ago Christmas night and how did we learn what we believe?

Through the years we have had a lot of fun giving this quiz out at various parties. It has inspired many cries of outrage and frustration as people who were sure they had the right answer found out differently. My middle school students got two years to try and still had trouble. Seems as many of our ideas about the birth of Jesus originate from imaginative Christmas carols as from the Bible.

Now it’s your turn. Answer the questions below to see if you really know as much about the birth of Christ as you think you do. Have fun and leave me a comment on how you do!

Here goes:
1. Joseph was from:
a) Bethlehem
b) Jerusalem
c) Nazareth
d) Egypt

2. Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem by
a) Camel
b) Donkey
c) Walked
d) We don't know

3. The innkeeper told Mary and Joseph...
a) I have a stable you can use
b) There is no room at the inn
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of the above

4. Which animals were present at Jesus' birth?
a) Cows, sheep, goats
b) Cows, donkeys, sheep
c) Many barnyard animals
d) None are mentioned

5. Who saw the star in the east?
a) Shepherds
b) Mary and Joseph
c) The Wise Men
d) Everyone

6. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?
a) One
b) Three
c) A Multitude

7. What sign did the angels tell the shepherds to look for?
a) A star over Bethlehem
b) A baby that doesn't cry
c) A baby in a stable
d) A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger

8. Did Baby Jesus cry?______________

9. What did the angels sing?
a) Joy to the World
b) Alleluia
c) Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given
d) Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will to men

10. How many wise men came to visit Jesus? ________

11. The wise men found Jesus in a
a) manger
b) stable
c) house
d) a good mood

12. The wise men stopped in Jerusalem
a) To inform Herod about Jesus
b) To find out where Jesus was
c) To buy presents for Jesus

13. Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
a) The angel
b) Mary's mother
c) Herod
d) Caesar Augustus

14. Joseph took baby Jesus to Egypt
a) To show him the pyramids
b) To be put in a basket in the river
c) Because he dreamed of it
d) To be taxed

15. Where do we find the Christmas story to check the answers to these questions?
a) Matthew
b) Mark
c) Luke
d) John
e) All of the above
f) Matthew and Luke
g) Mark and John

Answers: 1(c), 2(d), 3(d), 4(d), 5(c), 6(a), 7(d), 8(Yes, like any other baby) 9(d), 10(we don't know), 11(c), 12 (b), 13(d), 14(c), 15(f)

Your score—
15 right—Arch Angel
12-14 right—A Shining Star
9-11 right-- Praising Shephard
4-8 right---Time to reread Luke 2
1-3 right—You’re making baby Jesus cry
0 right--Donkey

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  1. Small correction to #9: Luke 2:12: The angels didn't SING, they said...

    Thanks for the fun quiz though!