Monday, February 28, 2011

What Can You Expect at the Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference

If you enjoy writing but are afraid you might be"not good enough", this is the conference for you.
If you’d like to know how to improve and promote your writing, this is the conference for you.
If you need encouragement in your Christian walk as you learn how to better share your story of what God has done in your life, this is the conference for you.
If you enjoy a bit of zany-ness and laughter alongside solid classes, seminars and messages, this is the conference for you.
If you can stand to eat delicious meals alongside accessible professionals in the world of writing who are anxious to discover and encourage tomorrow's top writers, then this IS the conference for you.
If you're looking for a conference with lots of big, snooty "names", blow-hards who only want to tell how great they are, mentors ready to tear you and your work apart, and impersonal, impractical teaching, where the games go on, this is NOT the conference for you.

The 8th annual Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference
April 8-9
Eldridge, Iowa

Join us for two full days of continuing classes, breakout sessions, friendly faculty, hands-on learning and an experience you’ll never forget.
In fact, it might change your life.

For more information or to register please visit our web site at ~

We're waiting to meet you and help you on your journey to writing success.

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