Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Things Friday

Five Things I Love ( and five ways God loves me)

One of the best things about my random blog is that I can change what I want, when I want. As of today, I'm going to start a new numbering system. I've been reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and she has inspired me to continuously keep track of the number of things I've "loved" on this blog. One more thing I'll mention that I love is that I'd already started my Five Things Friday with things I love BEFORE reading Ann's book.

Since this is my fourth list of "Five Things I Love," I'm starting with numbering with "16."

16. Knowing I'm not the only one making lists of things loved, blessings continuously bestowed.

17. Grand-grandson Nicolas Craig Fendley, born March 27, 2007. Happy birthday on Sunday, Nickerbocker!

18. Unexpected generosity inspired by unexpected patience.

19. The many, many lessons learned from the life and ministry of Ron Dunn, a great man of God and preacher. He first opened the first door to learning " everything give thanks..."

20. Grand-granddaughter Naomi Jean Smith, born March 28, 2008.
Happy Birthday on Monday, dearest Naomi!

I love to invite you to start your list today. It's easy.
Just determine to open your eyes to the wonders of love that surround you each moment of every day. Find the meaning in the mundane, the beauty of the present and the joy in the common.


  1. my BFF, Stacey, does Five Things Friday too! Now I have 2 great blog posts to read every Friday! Maybe I should try it too... ;)

  2. You should definitely join us Shan! Did you start "One Thousand Gifts" yet?