Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Things Friday

Ooops. I got so busy with my job working on the Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference last week that I forgot all about Five Things Friday. The first time I remembered it was sitting in the morning session listen to the great Mike Brewer speak.

To make up for forgetting, this week I think we need at least two lists this week. And as I'm writing I'm also learning more about how the things we love are truly gifts from God given to reveal to each of us how very much He loves us. I'm just finishing up Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, and going deeper and deeper into the idea of thanks for the gifts God so freely bestows.

What blessings come from counting our blessings!
I challenge you to join me and Ann and so many others. Open your eyes, begin counting the gifts that God is giving to you.

Five Gifts

  • 26. Serving the QCCWC, amazingly talented, giving people, getting to spend time and serve God's Scribes, Apostles of Ink, and other servants of The Most High. I’m overwhelmed that God would use me to be a part of this wonderful blessing. ( I think I just had the spirit of my new friend, Gail, overtake me!)

  • 27. A new sister and friend in Dr. Gail Hayes, Lioness for the Lord & Daughter of the King.

  • 28. The delicious smell of Amaretto coffee wafting through the house—yum.

  • 29. The tree budding outside my bedroom window. We moved it last fall and didn’t kill it! Hooray!

  • 30. The power of written words to move the heart and change lives.
And Five More Gifts

31. Bright orange tulips in my yard 32. Papa Goose fasting while guarding Mama Goose noshing.

33. Mama Goose sitting on her nest.

34. Glowing green buds bring life to dead red sticks.

35. Promises of strawberry sweetness

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