Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Lord it's Morning! OR Good Morning, Lord

Another little QTT*

I like to sleep.
I love snuggling beneath my downy comforter and soft pillows and relaxing my aching bones, my mind drifting on a sea of pleasant sensations, cuddly and warm. Ahhhhhh.

if I'm to keep my daily appointment with the Lord, I'm going to need to tear myself out of my cozy cocoon, stretch my arms into my robe and head out to meet Him, greeting Him with praise for the new day.

More often than not, this can be difficult to do.
On mornings when the floor seems just too cold and the bed too soft and warm, I remind myself of this cute poem by Jill Briscoe. I picture God, the needle, pulling me up and out from the covers and somehow it helps me to rise, if not shine. Once again, our dear Savior takes it on Himself to put in us what He asks of us.

Try it, it works.

I am also reminded today as I write this that to become a beautiful butterfly, the caterpillar has to shed the comfy cocoon. Thank You Lord, for speaking new truth to us, each day!

God the Needle

God the needle, the thread,

Get my body out of bed,

How to know You if I sleep,

You the Shepherd, I the sheep.

God the needle, I the thread,

Is my Bible open read?

God the needle, I the thread,

Get this truth inside my head,

Here to weave my time today,

In my work and in my play,

Make a picture, fasten me

Inside Your lovely tapestry.

God the needle, I the thread,

And when all is done and said,

May the picture You have made

Last forever, never fade.

May my thread reflect Your glory,

When You've finished Jesus' story.

God the needle, I the thread,

Get my body out of bed.


*QTT=Quiet Time Tip

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  1. Thank you for posting this poem! I love Jill Briscoe and can't hear enough from her.