Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thanks to "Stuff Christians Like"

Read a really fun post on a new blog I just found called "Stuff Christians Like." You can find it in my "Following" sidebar.
He wrote about massages in church and here is my comment on his post. (Because I'm lazy and trying to do more blogging)
When I was younger I thought that massagers, nail clippers, goof-off-ers, were quite brave, in a devil-may-care sort of way. In the "good old days" our church taught that if you distracted someone from hearing the gospel and they went to hell, their blood was on YOUR hands. It was a real incentive to me to listen.
Imagine my chagrin when one night during a "revival," Vance Havner stopped his sermon and watched silently as my sister and her friend rose from the front pew and headed out the back door, past about 20 rows! Five minutes later when they returned, he waited just as silently as they walked back to their seats. At which point he picked up right where he had left off.
As for me, being easily distracted, neck rubs and the like are what have driven me to the front row. I'm happy up there just watching what's going on in front of me, and anyone behind me who is doing distracting things is safe from being glared at and judged by me. And I am saved from becoming a self-righteous prig. At least that's how I'm hoping it's working.
Loved your post, BTW. Was reading the one about saving pews, saw this one, and had to read it--sign me up for PAMIC.

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