Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten Things to Love about "Wall-E"

10. Wall-E replacing the Pixar light light bulb. Too cute!
9. Watching the amazing emotion conveyed in Wall-e and Eva's mechanical faces.
8. Wonderful, sentimental songs from "Hello, Dolly!"
7. The adorable post-apocalyptic Jiminy Cricket (the cockroach).
6. Watching a story told with so little dialogue, and (mostly) great music.
5. Non-violent, good natured humor.
4. Eva. A real kick butt independent wo-bot.
3. Wall-E The sweetest little trash compacter ever!
2. The opening with "Phantom of the Opera"'s voice floating out in space, nothing but black screen and Michael Crawford (as Cornelius in "Hello Dolly") singing! What a surprise.
1. Wall-e's outro(end credits). Cave drawings, hieroglyphics,Greek key, mosaics, etc, etc, ending with bucolic Impressionism. Loved the development of the new civilization and the art history lesson! And if that wasn't enough, we get the movie replayed in Atari art.
What a blast!

see for an amazing analysis.

BTW, just read that Wall-E also appears in the short "Your Friend, the Rat" on "Ratatouille" DVD. He's a futuristic spacecraft driver in which humans and rats are happily seated.(from /

Leave me a comment and add your own 10 (or less) things to love about "Wall-E"

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