Friday, September 2, 2011

Five Blessings From a Late-summer Thunderstorm

Last week, while sitting on my "porch of praise" I was blessed by a big, loud, blowing thunderstorm.

80. Rain, pouring down, sweeping in sheets across the avenue, darkening the sky, but brightening my day.
I love thunderstorms.

81. Thunder-- rolling, rumbling, crashing, electrifying the sky.
It is beautiful and powerful and awesome~

Just like the Lord God Almighty!

82. Curb-side creeks flowing down, washing clean the streets and sidewalks.

83. Rain pitter-patter pounding, soaking flowers, fruits and veggies, bring life to dry ground.

84. The fragrance of rain-washed freshness, fills my heart and lifts the spirit to the all powerful~
Creator God
Who rains down all good gifts
Onto all His children
He loves us.

And just when you think it's all over

One last shout-out from God, it's the Rain-giver's exclamation point.

Thank you, Lord, for these showers of blessing! All creation is telling Your glory.

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